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Vietnam Voices- Peace Corps with a rifle

Episode Summary

Most of the armed servicemen in Vietnam were in non-combat roles. One was Buddy Mitchell, who found himself in the "Peace Corps with a gun."

Episode Notes

Horace "Buddy" Mitchelll served in Vietnam June 1969 to June 1970  in the First Air Cavalry.    He was an artillery sergeant in the Fire Direction Center, but spent much of his time in what he described as a "Peace-Corp-with-a-rifle,"  in which he worked extensively with the Vietnamese people.   It was part of the larger "hearts and minds" campaign being conducted at the time to aid the people. 

He was interviewed October 9, 2019, by William Minser.

The full audio interview can be heard at:

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Vietnam Voices: Stories of East Tennesseans Who Served in Vietnam, 1965-1975 (volume 1)

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