Vietnam Voices

Vietnam Voices - Two little cowboys

Episode Summary

Jim Kagley describes a more human side of the war in this special Christmas episode as he recounts his unit ordering cowboy outfits for two Vietnamese boys who did general chores for the soldiers.

Episode Notes

James Kagley served in Vietnam from February 1969 to February 1970.  His primary duty was as a heavy-machine operator, often near the A Shau Valley, cite of fierce fighting.  He hauled fuel to various points in the area.   Kagley now resides in Blount County, Tennessee.  

Kagley was drafted at age 20.  His hometown is Maryville, Tennessee, and he now resides in Blount County.  He was honorably discharged. 

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Vietnam Voices is a project of the Blount County Public Library in Maryville, TN, and supported by the Blount County Friends of the Library. Two volumes of interviews with Vietnam veterans have been published and are available on Amazon at these links:

Vietnam Voices: Stories of East Tennesseans Who Served in Vietnam, 1965-1975 (volume 1)

Vietnam Voices: Stories of Tennesseans Who Served in Vietnam, 1965-1975 (volume 2)